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For a number of years this website has been on the Internet with the goal of reminding people how frail humanity's hold is on this planet, and the many ways that humanity as well as most of the other species, could be wiped out.


Approximately 65,000,000 years ago, apparently a huge meteorite created what is now the Gulf of Mexico. In the process it destroyed the most dominant species on the planet at that time, the dinosaurs.


If a meteorite of that size would hit the earth today, of course humanity would be wiped out as well as most other species. Dr. Stephen Hawking pointed out some time ago that for these very reasons, displayed on this website, that humanity establish colonies on the other planets in our solar system, as well as on our own satellite, the moon.


Our ex-president, George Bush, was an enthusiastic supporter of this idea and set aside a sum in NASA for exactly this purpose. A substantial portion of the $17 billion NASA budget, was allocated for this purpose.


Barack Obama has been less enthusiastic about this idea, because he obviously is not a scientist, and his expertise is in Chicago politics. However to give him credit he has not reduced the NASA budget of $17 billion. He has rightly decided that civilian commercial projects should do the job. We have recently joined this effort by helping to found a new venture called Lunar City, with the following website:

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